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Consulting, surveys and employee development.

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Consulting Services


Let your clients feel that you care about them and win their loyalty! We will help you create and setup system of tools leading to greater level of relationship with your clients. We will advise you how to manage defects and deal with warranty claims and complaints of the clients.

Solutions in the field of consulting, surveys and employee development
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Survey and Diagnostics


Market and customer satisfaction surveys

We will obtain for you supporting data concerning the situation on the market, customers and their preferences, competition, both opportunities and threats. We will advise you on how to win or support the loyalty of customers.


Employee satisfaction surveys

To what degree are your employees satisfied and loyal and in which areas? What steps should you take to improve it?


Mystery shopping, mystery calling

We offer you the possibility of viewing your retail and communication channels with the eyes of the client and impartially recording the progress of this process. Based on that we will advise you how to continue working with this information further.


Warranty claim resolution surveys

What message are your clients trying to convey to you and how to utilise it? How do you communicate with them with what response?


Testing capabilities, Assessment Centre, Development Centre

Methods, which give answers to the following questions: What is the true potential of your workers? To what extend does it meet the needs of that particular job position? In which direction are we to develop them?

We are building on long-term practical experience in training and management
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Education and Employee development

We are building on long-term practical experience of our consultants and coaches in training and management. Based on your requirements we will prepare solutions to the following areas:


Sales courses

We will help you achieve higher sales results and better understand your customers.


Communication courses

How to communicate and present convincingly, to win the audience, to impress, to establish oneself? How to successfully come out of difficult situations while creating favourable working, business, or personal relations?


Managerial training

How to lead and motivate people, to win their interest, enthusiasm? How to handle accountability and commitment?


Teambuilding and outdoor

Programs, which intensely create relationships in new teams or enhance existing teams, bringing nice memories and the possibility to process them with the helping hand of an expert.


Couching and mentoring

Setting goals and working efficiently on the road to achieving them is perhaps most difficult when it concerns us. We can lead you professionally, advising with challenges you will encounter on this road.

Our strategy is building long-term cooperation and partnership and achieving maximum benefit in all areas through feedback
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Our team

Mgr. Natália Barter

partner, consultant

Bc. Paula Lopušníková

assistant, admistration

Mgr. Ľubomír Michálek


Mgr. Barbora Bachratá

consultant, coach

Mgr. Katarína Lesayová

consultant, coach

Mgr. Juraj Végh

consultant, coach

PaeDr. Jana Viteková

consultant, coach

Let your clients feel that you care about them and win their loyalty!
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